Luggage transport
Luggage transport
Vanessa LEVET
06 76 44 48 50

LE PORTE BAGAGES will deliver your Luggage while you enjoy your walk!

In the stunningly beautiful South Burgundy from Beaune to Cluny, on St jacques'tracks, Assise or elsewhere.
For a single day or for the whole course.

Make your hikes lighter ...

  • On St Jacques track from Dijon to Cluny (stopover at Dijon, Nuit Saint Georges, Beaune, Chagny, St Désert, St Gengoux, Cluny)
    • 12€ per item of luggage per day
  • Other tracks (< 30km)
    • Price from 1 to 3 items of luggage – 40€ per stage
    • 4 items of luggage – 45€ per stage
    • More than 4 items of luggage please contact us
  • Other tracks (> 30km) please contact us
  • Start to finish vehicle delivery service and the transport of bicycles please contact us
  • Possibility to transport wine from the wine grower on arrival